Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thought is a bird of flight...

'...And that's how you make someone look like they're flying,' I pontificated after my latest film lecture, extending my arm out in front of me, head down, Superman style.

'Is that how you fly?' asked Lovergirl.

'No, that's how Superman flies,' I said.

'I have my arms out to the side, like I'm balancing, and I just kind of relax into it, and float away,' said Lovergirl, demonstrating.

Rick, visiting, said, 'I put mine out in front, like I'm diving, and push off. Apparently some people flap -'

'I flap!' I said, enviously. 'How on earth can you stay up otherwise? And it's really hard work and I only ever get about a metre off the ground!'

Are there any other variations?
How do I get to 'just relax into it, and float away'?
And how come Lovergirl floats, anyway, when I have to flap? Personality-wise, I should be the floater.

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Anonymous said...

I breaststroke - like I am swimming underwater. Occasionally I glide - but mostly I have to keep up the breaststroking or i fall out of the sky. I seem to fly quite low - skimming the tops of trees.