Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's kinda quiet around here

Have you noticed the babies are crying slightly less?

They no longer cry from the moment they are strapped in their car capsules until the moment we arrive at our destination, only at red traffic lights (how I hate traffic lights), and only when I am not playing their CD of German lullabies (which is, thankfully, gorgeous, and surviving continuous rotation remarkably well). I think it helped that I breastfed to this CD for the first two months - maybe there's a subconscious association now.

They no longer cry every single time they are put down.

They no longer cry from 4.30 - 7pm without stopping for breath.

They no longer cry in the bath. In fact they seem to enjoy it.

Mind you, it's 2.23 a.m. and I've been up since one a.m. with Lucky, who howled until 2.13a.m. and is now lying on the floor smiling and giggling (as soon as I put the CD on again...). I don't want you thinking it's all a bed of roses around here, but I can hear myself think occasionally. Now if only I could remember what I used to think about...

And a warning: I really hate books and smug mothers who tell me, 'babies only cry when their needs are not being met.' So don't post any comments that even hint at this. Some babies are just placid. Lucky you. Mine have strong opinions. They come from good activist stock.

In case you're planning twins, the sanity savers to date have been the aforementioned CD, our slings, and loooooong walks along the Brisbane River - particularly when I ditched the fabulously expensive twin pram, which only faces forward, for a sling-plus-op-shop-pram (which faces me) combination. Hopefully the twin pram will come into its own once Junior & Lucky develop object constancy.


thetwinkle said...

oh, red lights. the twinkle HATES red lights!
our kid is "spirited" too!

Stacey said...

i am so getting one of those slings, I wias just looking at their website the other day, and good to hear from someone who has used them! great!!! lucky we just had an u/s and there is only one baby! haha.

JahTeh said...

I don't believe those mothers who read to their non-bawling babies.
It's the same when you're glowing over the first word and some twit tells you that their darling can put it into context in a sentence.

E, M, and the Little Man said...

It's so true. It's all about the temperament...

Glad they're giving you some respite from the crying..