Friday, September 19, 2008

Equal rights for us III

You can find the others on this blog by clicking on the 'qld law reform campaign' label to the right

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nicky glover said...

What an inspiring campaign..
Good Luck...i knew there was a reason to stay in NSW!
No doubt you've seen this from yesterday (22-9-08);
[Lobby welcomes new lesbian family laws - now in force in NSW
The Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby (GLRL) has today welcomed the commencement of new laws in New South Wales that give children with two mothers equal legal status and a birth certificate which reflects their family structure.]

Michelle and I are so delighted that both of us will be on the birth cert of our divine baby boy Ezra (born on 30-august...not long after we saw u at bangalow mkts!)

so best of luck with the campaign and do let me know if we can help in any way.



ps. as Ezra was born 2 weeks over due date, he went straight into 000 size, so most of the clothes u gave us were too small. do you want them back, or given to someone else you know down this way, or is it ok to give them to another pregnant woman we know in Federal?? (sorry for getting personal on ur blog, but i dont have ur email address)

pps. hope ur all doing great. ur babies are lovely!