Thursday, October 02, 2008

Possibly too much information

I know, a long time since I last posted. Can we not talk about that please?

Career0ne just sent me this personality profile. It doesn't take long, and was eerily accurate for both Lovergirl and I. Try it yourself.

Apparently I'm best in project type work where I'm in complete control and people will leave me to get on with the job. L is best in jobs where she uses her verbal skills and has authority, such as 'counsellor' or 'minister of religion'!

Me at work:

This is a person who can be very enthusiastic about an environment where they have a strong level of knowledge and where they can take hold of a project, own it completely, work on it from its initial inception and pursue it until a successful conclusion has been reached. Ideally, such projects are short-term in nature and are within an environment where they are an "expert" and feel very competent. Otherwise, they can become pessimistic, critical and doubtful, although, in the early stages of achieving the project, their enthusiasm and energy will keep them buoyant through some of the difficult moments.

A tendency to be so focused on quality can result in some time-management issues, and they can move between being highly distractible and wanting to interact with others, to then wanting to focus 100% on their work, to the point where they resent interruption. The key motivators are also varied. On the one hand, they need and love interaction with people; it is important for them to feel that they are a significant and well-regarded part of the team. On the other hand, they also need to have the opportunity to focus on their work and pursue it, preferably without interruption.

The need to feel secure and to have sufficient data and skills makes them, at times, somewhat pedantic about collecting information and spending quite some time in the preparation phases. Then again, another aspect is that they enjoy being in an environment which is very busy, ever changing, allowing them to work on issues that are short-term and which still allow them to juggle many priorities and be responsive to ever-changing challenges. Under pressure, this can lead them to over commit and take on too much.

Their work style can vary considerably. Ideally, they will enjoy a situation where they are completely on top of the challenges that might arise, familiar with the type of work that they are responsible for and experienced enough to ensure successful outcomes. They are most suited to short-term projects for which they can have total ownership and which require attention to detail, precision, awareness and the pursuit of high quality outcomes. The environment should also allow them to have a number of different projects on the go that can, once completed, be discussed with colleagues. The interaction aspect of their work is important, however, it is just as important for them to control when that interaction occurs.

These individuals can be quite volatile. Despite their genuine team orientation, it is not unusual to find them becoming quite annoyed and reactive when they find themselves under pressure or interrupted for what they perceive to be trivial reasons. They can also be quite pedantic, needing much detail and support, a great deal of time to get on top of their challenges and reassurance that they have the capacity to achieve what they have been set. When they feel on top of their projects and when they are in "people mode", you will find a very warm, enthusiastic and compassionate individual who's good intentions can override the irritation when forced to consider what they perceive as trivial issues.


An individual with this type of temperament is a scientist for the people, enjoys contact with others outside the workplace and prefers projects that can benefit society in the long run and provide security for them.

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