Friday, November 14, 2008


The guy on the left has had too much to drink and is having another screaming fight with his new bride.

The guy two doors down on the right is playing the greatest hits of Jimmy Barnes. Quite loudly.

And the boys across the road are taking turns riding a chook chaser (trailbike) with no muffler around and around and around the block. No helmet, no headlights.

Friday nights are really not my favourite night anymore.


JahTeh said...

Just think of this as preparation for the teenagery of twins. Believe me it's actually worse because they'll be doing all those things in your house. Possibly not the husband and wife thing but girlfriend and boyfriend fighting.

aztec-rose said...

I have a neighbour who plays Rod Stewart, full volume, every Friday night... and sounds to me like he drunkedly slurs along in song...I guess it would be the burbs without a bogun or two..