Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Santa loves queer families too

So I'm organising a Christmas party for rainbow families around Brisbane. I'm basing it on fond memories of Dad's SEC work Christmas picnics of my childhood, with races and Santa giving out presents! If you know anyone who might be into it, send them this flyer.


suburban dyke said...

We should try to fight Proposition 8 which takes away rights already granted.
Please consider a boycott of Sundance, Utah and Mormons
or donating money to the Northern California ACLU .
I am not affiliated with either. I am just trying to make a difference. Thanks.

Bwca said...

oh the distant memory of an era when employment was secure, and there were Butchers Picnics, and Bakers Picnics, and a working 'community' felt a kinship and commitment.
all gone The Way Of The Shareholder.
Wishing you every success and a happy day.