Saturday, May 16, 2009

And this is the only thing I'll say on the matter

To honour the passing of Marilyn French, I'm re-reading The Women's Room, which was life-changing when I read it back at uni.

The men sat down. Both carried clipboards with papers on them. Both had pens. They tossed questions at her at random, and barely waited for her to answer. Val watched with horror. Chris was immobilized. She answered their questions mildly, in a small voice without explanation. She did not insist when they argued with her. They attacked and jabbed and tried to get her to retract her story. She did not seem to realize how they were treating her. She blinked and answered, and kept answering. She changed nothing, but she did not get angry, she did not fight back. They were bullying her now. 'You don't really expect us to believe that, do you?You sat out there with him for an hour!' 'He says you're his friend. He had your name. Come on girl, tell the truth!'

It's really depressing how little has changed.

There's more discussion about the whole sorry NRL mess here and here.

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