Friday, May 15, 2009

Do not disturb (any further)

Friday nights we've instigated an at-home date night. It's simply dinner and a video, or sometimes a game of scrabble, and usually we're already in our pyjamas, but it's the intention that makes it special. We choose a yummy menu from this month's De1icious and rent a new release to try and catch up on the myriad movies we've missed since starting this parenting gig.

Tonight we have roast vegie salad with soy toasted seeds (p96) and lemon delicious for dessert (that's from Stephanie), and the movie of the week is Bound - an oldie, a lesbian classic apparently, but I haven't seen it.

Life is good.


thetwinkle said...

oh corkie!

Mikhela said...

That's a good thing, I take it?

Deborah said...

Still don't get to see many movies.

Sounds like a yummy dinner and even better dessert (frantically hunting through Stephanie...)

Mikhela said...

P 394 in the first edition of Stephanie - but halve the sugar, it's over the top.