Sunday, March 25, 2007

Seven Go On an Adventure

Lovergirl and I have been down to Byron Bay for the weekend. This morning I got up early and met friends at this beach, Brunswick Heads beach, and we rode our bikes along the shoreline to Byron Bay and back. It was only about twenty kilometres but I felt wild and adventurous and free all the same, like a character in an Enid Blyton novel. The sky was glowering and threatening to rain so the beach was deserted. We came across a big dead turtle, he looked like an old chap, with a barnacle-encrusted shell and raggedy flippers. We called the marine rangers who came out in their four wheel drive to do an autopsy. On the way back we stopped and went for a swim in the empty ocean. The reality of seven naked lesbians at varying proximity to middle age swimming in the ocean is less titillating than it possibly sounds.

I didn't feel homesick but I did have a gorgeous weekend.


Katya said...

Did you eat hard boiled eggs and drink lashings of ginger beer?

Anonymous said...

PS Can you tell I'm procrastinating over the dual d-i-s-a-b-i-l-i-t-y thing??

Mikhela said...

get to work you!